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Prezento Rattan Box Couple Ceramic Cup Set

Prezento Rattan Box Couple Ceramic Cup Set

Set included:

  1. Elegant Rattan Gift Box
  2. Ceramic White Tea Cup x2
  3. Solid Wood Round Coaster x2
  4. Golden Tea Spoon x2(Both Cups have individual  packaging)


Prezento 藤制礼盒情侣陶瓷杯套装


  1. 藤制礼盒
  2. 陶瓷白色茶杯 x2
  3. 实木圆形杯垫 x2
  4. 金色茶匙 x2(两个杯子都有独立包装) 

Welcome to request:
1. large quantity order (pre-order)
2. customization (name/logo)



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JG Fin
JG Fin
24 October 2023
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