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Prezento Warm Gift Aesthetic Oval Box Birthday Set

This is a Birthday Customizing Set, mix and match to make the perfect gift!

Items included:

  1. Oval Shape Kraft box Gift Box
  2. Minimalist Glass Scented Candle (default item)
  3. Cute Bear Towel
  4. Car Fragrance Decoration

You can choose:

  1. Oval Shape Kraft box Gift Box (Can Choose Brown or White)
  2. Cute Bear Towel (Can Choose Red or White)
  3. Car Fragrance Decoration (2 designs to choose)
  4. Customizing names (no need customization / Name on box only)

Please take note:

  1. If no name customization is required, the gift set will be shipped within 3 working days. However, if name customization is needed, please allow at least 7 working days to prepare, no rush order please, thank you)





  1. 椭圆形礼盒
  2. 简约玻璃香薰蜡烛
  3. 可爱天使熊手巾
  4. 香薰片车挂



  1. 可爱天使熊手巾(红色/白色)
  2. 香薰片车挂(2种可选)
  3. 定制名字贴(不需要/只是在盒子上)


  1. 如果没有需要定制名字,包裹会在3个工作日寄出。如果需要定制名字,请预算至少7个工作日的制作时间,不接急单!谢谢。


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JG Fin
JG Fin
24 October 2023
Special gift can be found here ✨

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